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Welcome to the Team Page of
Team Eagle

Team Eagle Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $150,000.00
Total Raised: $111,758.60

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 30
Members Recruited: 34

Help support the end of AIDS.

The men and women of Team Eagle are riding 275 miles across 3 states towards 1 destination: the end of AIDS.

Team Members:
Total Raised$111,758.60  
General Team Donation$15,946.00  
Richard Weber$5,085.00  
Peter Schwartz$4,550.00  
   George Alford Jr$3,625.00  
   Ken Berkeley$4,755.00  
   Stefano Biaggioni$0.00  
   Kevin Broomell$5,350.00  
   Barron Collodi$542.94  
   A.C. Demidont$600.00  
   Mominatrix Eagle$500.00  
   Thomas Edwards$4,175.00  
   Michael Findley$0.00  
   Nancy Franklin$3,170.00  
   Alan Gilmer$7,775.00  
   Gisella Holinka$3,025.00  
   Thom Kam$975.00  
   Drew Kraatz$200.00  
   Jeremy Lowenstein$4,325.00  
   Chad Millard$3,205.00  
   David Monberg$4,755.00  
   Richard Monreal$3,315.00  
   John Nowak III$3,735.00  
   Daniel Parente$5,275.00  
   Timothy Patrick$4,575.00  
   Skip Ralph$0.00  
   Witti Repartee$4,468.16  
   Marc Schechter$7,045.00  
   Evan Seigerman$3,583.00  
   Brandon Tomassetti$0.00  
   Marko Tomassetti$0.00  
   Gregory Truman$250.00  
   Gregory Truman$2,752.50  
   Scott Weaver$0.00  
   Regina Weber$530.00  
   Anthony Zillmer$3,671.00  

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